Rex Miller


The Power of Nudge
For Health

Engaging Speaker, Futurist, Author, Consultant
Winner of the CoreNet Global Innovator and Industry Excellence Awards

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Life changing, game changing?

They are one and the same.

What if you discovered a switch that allowed you to consistently perform at your best, accomplish great work and feel alive at the end of each day? That would be life changing and game changing for more than 70% of the workforce. We help people and teams discover and create this experience every day through a process of mining and developing what you naturally do best and enjoy most.

Is there a large problem your company faces that feels like a broken record? We’ve developed a unique approach for breaking through these barriers by adapting Design Thinking with a live Crowdsource experience called MindShift. MindShift tackles “wicked problems” that builds thought leadership into market leadership. It is a personally and professionally transforming experience.

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