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Feel stuck? In need of a BREAKTHROUGH?

Rex turns hopelessly stuck situations into transformation and growth.

Introducing Rex Miller:

This breadth of experience is why Rex is pursued to move the needle. Contact him now.

Here are 3 incredible examples of BREAKTHROUGHS:

1. Fist Fight

Three of the 5 founders of a California Digital startup had a literal fist fight 2 hours into the first meeting with Rex. Their situation ?

  • Zero revenue
  • Burning through cash
  • High stakes, high stress
  • Deep animosities

They were stuck and headed to a probable nasty divorce. Rex took them back to ground zero and rebuilt the team chemistry and focus. Nine months:

  • Acquired 18+ companies
  • $100+ million run rate

2. Hopelessly Toxic

A federal agency regional office was rated one of the most toxic in the entire government. In the first 10 minutes this group of ex-military and engineers set the tone:

“Are we so broke that we need someone like you to try and fix us?!”

By the end of the first session incredible BREAKTHROUGHS resulted:

  • Four days later? Six out of 15 participants had a life-changing experience
  • One year later? The team experienced transformation and was recognized as a high-performing unit
  • Word of the BREAKTHROUGH spread creating a waiting list of locations asking for the same experience

3. I Hate My Job

Meet Bob, an individual of a very challenging group, he sat disengaged the entire first morning.

He desperately needed a BREAKTHROUGH

At lunch this conversation happened:

  • Rex: “What do you do at work that is remotely engaging?”
  • Bob: “Nothing.”
  • Rex: “What do you do after work that is engaging?”
  • Bob: “Nothing.”
  • Rex: “So, how long has this been going on?”
  • Bob: “Twenty-five years, I hate my job and I hate the people I work with.” (Silence)

Bob was in the wrong chair on the bus. His career and life were stuck and in desperate need of a BREAKTHROUGH. Ninety incredible days later Bob experienced a life changing BREAKTHROUGH to such a degree the room was moved to tears.

Bob (with tears streaming): “I love you guys, this is the best place I have ever worked.”

This doesn’t just happen by accident or chance. Rex walked him through a plan.

Want more stories to convince you? Just ask, we have dozens.

Stuck or need a BREAKTHROUGH?

We all get stuck at some point. If you find yourself or your team stuck, contact Rex.

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Rex Miller

Engaging Speaker, Futurist, Author, Consultant

We all get stuck at some point. If you need a BREAKTHROUGH, contact Rex.