Rex Miller


The Healthy Workplace Nudge. How healthy people, culture, and building lead to high performance.

Rex Miller, Phillip Williams, Michael O'Neill

Organizations face a growing health cost crisis that threatens to swallow profits and drain the vitality of their workforce unless we adopt a radically different approach to workplace health and well-being. Companies spend an average of $12,000 per employee on health benefits which are estimated by the Cleveland Clinic to double by 2025. The hidden costs of absenteeism, disengagement, and turnover cost businesses an estimated $1.2 trillion a year. In “The Healthy Workplace Nudge” author Rex Miller explains the findings of research from more than 100 corporate leaders and experts over a two-year project. This first-ever broad multi-disciplinary initiative led to several dramatic surprises. These challenged our core assumptions about how to improve workplace health and well-being.

  1. 95% of traditional wellness programs fail to improve health or lower costs
  2. If leaders don’t work toward a culture of employee “well-being” (more happiness and less stress) wellness programs are futile
  3. Shifting group behavioral using behavior economics proves more effective than incentivizing individual behavior
  4. Healthy buildings and environments deliver your strongest ROI for improving health
  5. Healthy culture is ultimately the most effective and sustainable health strategy
  6. Tying health and wellness strategy to employee experience and culture is essential to effective implementation

Humanizing the Education Machine: How to Create Schools that Turn Disengaged Kids Into Inspired Learners

by Rex Miller

Our education system was designed for the industrial era and created during the Gutenberg revolution. We live in a Google world. School reform efforts that started in 1955 have failed to improve or reverse the decline of our student scores. Why is this tolerated?

The saddest fact behind our outdated education system is that 70% of teachers are disengaged. How can disengaged teacher engage students in learning. By the 12th grade 60% of students have checked out. 50% of our students are being left behind due to socio-economic reasons or learning differences. 

In the fall of 2013 more than 100 leaders and experts took aim at breaking the broken record of school reform. Over the next two years they traveled to multiple cities and found schools and communities that were bucking the system and achieving superior results. 

If your school or community is tired of delivering the best 19th century education in the world and wants to transform the learning experience to produce future ready students then this book provides a unique approach to connecting the dots among a diverse collection of positive outliers. This book is becoming an invaluable manual and roadmap for teachers, administrators and community leaders.

Change Your Space, Change Your Culture: How Engaging Workplaces Lead to Transformation and Growth

by Rex Miller, Mabel Casey and Mark Konchar

Why do 70% of employees hate going to work? Why are you better off paying 20% to stay home because of their toxic effect?€ Why is this tolerated?

For 60 years survival rates for companies have dramatically dropped. Organizations NEED healthy, happy and engaged employees to bring their best selves to work if leaders want to avoid being left behind or hope to thrive. Learn what more than 35 organizations discovered about how the some of the most admired and consistently innovative companies on the planet create engaging workplaces.

If your company needs to boost its engagement, take a look at its shadow culture or deal with resistance to change make sure you get a copy of this international award winning book. This book will become a vital resource and manual for creating high engagement, handling resistance to change and surfacing and transforming a legacy shadow culture.

Commercial Real Estate Revolution: Nine Transforming Keys to Lowering Costs, Cutting Waste

by Rex Miller

Why do 70% of projects come in late and over budget? How can there be up to 50% waste hidden in traditional projects? Why is this tolerated?

For over 60 years the construction industry has been the only industry to lose productivity each and every year. For more than ten years Rex Miller has been breaking through our old thinking and continued defense of a failed status quo by demonstrating how trust-based project teams consistently outperform all other approaches. 

Make sure you get a copy of this international award winning book. If you are tired of the status quo or want to transform your next capital project this book will become your number one resource.  My promise is that you will go back to it over an over, quote it and share copies with others. It has been a key catalyst to an emerging trust-based revolution.

The Millennium Matrix: Reclaiming our Past and Reframing the Future of the Church

by Rex Miller

Can mainline denominations reclaim their vitality and reframe their traditions? Have Mega Churches and the seeker approach to presenting the Gospel peaked? Why is there now a shift toward community, connection and care? Each new vintage of wine was poured into fresh wineskins. The church as an institutional expression of that wine is faced with the ongoing challenge of continual renewal or the skin becomes a straight-jacket. 

Rex Miller takes a deep and unique examination of three distinct eras of church history birthed by new forms of communication and the fresh wineskins they created. He then asks, “What will today’s wineskins look like as we move deeper into a digital and interactive era of communication?”

If your church has followed the same tradition, form or practice for more than twenty years then you will want to read this book. Rex Miller provides a window into the future and a road map to rethink and reframe your faith community. Institutions, like wineskins become brittle, inflexible, leak and fall apart. 

Humanizing the Workplace Machine

by Rex Miller

Coming is the Spring of 2018

Working too much is a major cause of heart disease. American workers give up 429 million days of unclaimed vacation time a year. We are literally killing ourselves over work. Why and why do we tolerate it?

Companies are faced with out of control medical costs. More that 83% of the population has one or more chronic diseases. More than 75% of employees list their jobs as the number factor one for high or extreme stress. Stress is the leading source of metabolic syndrome and a key link to chronic disease. The cost of healthcare is already more than 17% of GDP and is expected to double by 2024. This is not only a threat to our economy and political stability but corporate leaders are asking if there is anything they can do to reverse this oncoming train. 

In 2015 we assembled more than 60 organization and 110 leaders and experts to ask that question. The good news is that not only are the trends reversible but many companies have created thriving cultures. We share the lessons these companies provide to help unwind this gordian knot and to create workplaces where people can bring their best selves and do their best work.