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Why I Mess Up. Ignorant or Inept?

March 4, 2018 • Coaching, CoreClarity, Leadership, Perfomance, Personal Growth, Strengthsfinder, Well-being, Wellbeing, Wellness

Most people I know have some form of a checklist. But, how well designed is it? The Checklist Manifesto gave me a new appreciation for something I do naturally but had not taken it to its potential. Full potential does not mean expansive and complex. My Strengthsfinder Input talent naturally expands any kind of list I create. My older checklists were layer upon layer of things to do, even prioritized. I found it was easy to miss more valuable items while checking off secondary items. Atul Gawande summarizes the three reasons we mess up: Human fallibility Ignorance – we don’t know…

The Acorn that Grows a Well Culture

March 3, 2018 • Change, Culture, General, Health, Leadership, Wellbeing, Wellness, Workshop

If an acorn is the essential beginning to grow an oak, what is the acorn for a thriving workplace culture? Living systems, in contrast to programs, follow a natural progression. If we seed it right and provide a supportive environment growth is natural. Workplace culture is a living system and I often find we make creating a thriving workplace more complicated than it has to be because we either overlook the acorn or we don’t provide support for it to grow naturally. In our research on workplace wellness we found leaders often talk about growing oaks but really want different trees and plant…

A Human Interaction Turns a Crappy Day into a Great Day

June 7, 2017 • CoreClarity, Disengagement, Engagement, Gallup, General, Health, Strengthsfinder, Wellbeing, Wellness

A few days ago my daughter Michelle called on her way home from work. “Hey dad, have you got a minute I just want to talk.” In the past that was code for I need some money, but today the tone sounded different. Upbeat. Michelle said that the Regional Manager was in the office today and had a conversation with her. “She was interested in me, as a person! She asked me what I was reading at lunch and was actually interested in it. She wanted to know what I liked to read and said she was impressed and encouraged…