Rex Miller


We believe when people discover what they naturally do best and enjoy most they gain clarity, grow rapidly, develop conviction and breakthrough to new levels of purpose, accomplishment and satisfaction.

Keynotes that Spark Conversation

I design tailored keynotes to engage your audience, provoke new thinking with fresh and provocative content and set the right tone for the rest of your event. Audiences love my images and metaphors that make the experience memorable and practical when they go home. 

Coaching that Unlocks Your Magic

When I coach people feel like they were handed a key that unlocks their DNA for personal and professional success and satisfaction. 

Adult Supervision for Teams & Organizations 

Teams often bounce between forming, storming and reforming – without breaking through to high performance. I use the same coaching tools and framework with teams to unlock their unique DNA for success. 

Creating a Culture of Engagement

I have a unique process developed from the research of Change Your Space, Change Your Culture. It surfaces the shadow culture that resists change or puts sand in the gears of should be a smooth operation. We will pinpoint the constraints and how to transform or remove the impediments to a healthy culture. 

MindShift: Thought Leadership to Market Leadership

Leaders often face complex problems that resist all attempts to breakthrough. We have a proven model for “wicked problems” called MindShift. Over the last 10 years we have tackled several challenges with more than 300 leaders and experts producing two award winning books. This is a transformational process for leaders and companies who want to break away from their competition.

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Rex Miller

Engaging Speaker, Futurist, Author, Consultant

Engage audiences and groups in active learning experiences.